My Story...

It’s rather difficult to write about myself. I am an artist. I feel like I express myself through my artwork but right now if you asked me “What does your artwork mean to you?” it’s really a soul search. On the surface right now my artwork is an expression of the female form being unrelenting and fierce. The figure of my artwork stands before you with all their glory, ready to take on the world with it’s best face. Even in the most innocent piece, they still are leaving their mark on the world. But then I really thought about who I am and the social anxiety I have and realized it’s more than that.

Life has put people like me in a cage over the course of our lives. My artwork is truly the masks that we’re all forced to wear. Society and those around us create a fear of judgment for many and the social anxiety that is born forces us to put on another face. My art and I cannot be ourselves without being judged or considered taboo. All of my art pieces in the Burlesque Zoo wear masks to hide themselves from society as we’re all on display now for everyone to see on Social Media. Many of us have to wear masks in our lives to try and seek acceptance because deep down we know we’re going to be called animals or worse. This tip toe to try and keep everyone happy just leaves all of us empty and unfulfilled.

The Burlesque Zoo allows me to express everything I experience and lets the animals out of their cages. We’re always told growing up to be ourselves and once we really let the freak flag fly, we’re told to get back in the box. Join the Zoo and say no to the box. Reject the judgment and escape your cage. We’re all glorious in our own way, we just need the rest of the world to catch up to us.


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Illustrator Artist MelJo JoJo