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Art prints and stickers are professionally printed and available through my Etsy Shop. Clothing company TBD.

Burlesque Zoo
The Leopard Woman © MelJo JoJo

The Leopard Woman

California Condor Gurl © MelJo JoJo

California Condor Gurl

Of Wolf and Woman © MelJo JoJo

Of Wolf and Woman

Santa's Secret Helper © MelJo JoJo

Santa's Secret Helper

Lady of the Night © MelJo JoJo

Lady of the Night

The Devil's Mermaid © MelJo JoJo

The Devil's Mermaid

The Goods
Salutations Kitty © MelJo JoJo

Salutations Kitty

Bastard of the Mushroom Kingdom © MelJo JoJo

Bastard of the Mushroom Kingdom