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Frequently Asked Questions

If you ever had a thought while venturing around my page, take a look and see if the answer is here. If the answer isn't available here, feel free to contact me by clicking HERE for my contact page.

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Q.   Do you do commissions?


A.   I am not accepting any commission requests or custom artwork at this time. Generally, I do not do commissions, as I have my own line of projects but if it strikes me as something that would be awesome - I'll definitely take it on and we'll work through the details together. You can contact me at the link HERE or email me directly at



Q.   I see a design I really love, but I cannot find it on a garment, print style, or item I would want it on... Can you make it?


A.   In terms of any of the printed garments, Threadless is the Artist Shop that I use which does the printing and shipping of all items produced. Threadless is going to be constantly releasing new items for print and I'll update my shop once they are available. For other items, you can always get in touch with me and I can try to work something out for you!



Q.   I have a question about my Threadless purchase process, who can help me?


A.   Threadless has a full team on staff to assist with getting all questions answered, purchases processed, and shipments out to you. You are able to get any of your questions regarding Threadless purchases through their brilliant Customer Service team. You can get help from them HERE or contact me and I can try and get information for you.



Q.   I have a question about my Etsy purchase process, who can help me?


A.   I personally handle my Etsy account, so I can help out with nearly everything you need short of "I don't have any money! Can I pay in Bottle Caps?". You can contact me at the link HERE or email me directly at



Q.   I want to use your artwork, how can I get your permission?


A.   I do not allow use of my artwork without approval and permission from myself directly. If you want permission for any of my artwork, you can contact me at the link HERE or email me directly at



Q.   I love your artwork so much and want it as a tattoo!  Can I get your artwork tattooed on me?


A.   I cannot express how flattered I am that you’re willing to forever grace your body with a MelJo JoJo art piece. I would definitely agree to you getting a tattoo of my artwork under certain conditions:

      1.  You purchase a print of the art piece you’re wanting to have tattooed via Etsy. This ensures that I know the tattoo will be based on a high-quality photo, however I cannot guarantee the work of your tattoo artist.

      2.  I request that the artwork be tattooed as-is and unaltered to keep the majesty that is the MelJo JoJo artwork.


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I'm an artist that has been working through the graphic design world for years. I'm now  on my own and drawing a burlesque menagerie. I've decided to go full-time with my artwork and thank everyone for their time and support!

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Sold through Etsy, printed and shipped directly to you with my inventory of prints.




All clothing is created through Threadless.


Commission Requests


I am not accepting any commission requests or custom artwork at this time.

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